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Businesses across sectors and industries like energy, defence, mobility, healthcare and more continue to rely on Taural India as a reliable and resourceful partner. Through our collaboration with European industry leader Thoni Alutec and with the expertise of our highly skilled in-house tech experts, we have steadily built a portfolio of various achievements in aluminium casting.

Here is a preview of the sectors that we serve.


Due to rapid infrastructure development and urbanisation, India's power requirements have shot up significantly. Experts estimate that India's total power usage is set to touch an all-time high of over 1,650 billion units in FY23.

Taural India’s expertise can help companies involved in electricity generation and distribution to step up to this imminent challenge and take measures to meet exceptionally high power demands. Our intricately casted aluminium parts - with exceptional integrity and pressure resistance - can be used to manufacture top-quality Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS).

Being lighter, space-saving, leak-proof and low maintenance, they have considerable advantages over Air Insulated Switchgears (AIS). In addition to this, GIS are also comparatively more efficient than their air-insulated counterparts. By facilitating the switch from AIS to GIS, Taural India is transforming the energy sector in India and abroad.

Weight: 1500kg

Weight: 17kg

Weight: 72kg


With over 1.4 million active personnel, India’s defence force is the second-largest military army. Given the sensitive and serious nature of the operations undertaken by the country’s defence forces, it is crucial to have the best quality equipment serving our troops as they protect the borders.

Taural India has had the immense privilege of contributing to the requirements of India’s defence force requirements. By supporting indigenization of the defence sector, we dream of a self-reliant India and contribute to keeping the defence intel within the country. We successfully reverse-engineered the cylinder block crankcase (CBCC) of the Indian Army's Infantry Combat vehicle (BMP-II).

Weight: 164kg

Weight: 250kg

Weight: 340kg


Global railway networks together span over 1.3 million route-kilometres, with the USA, Russia, China and India topping the list of longest rail networks.

Traditionally, railway engines have used parts made of iron and steel in order to deliver the sheer power needed to propel railway coaches forward. But the downside of these conventional materials? They are extremely heavy and susceptible to rust. What our railways need is a lightweight substitute that’s just as strong.

Here’s where Taural India’s cast aluminium solutions come in. Comparable with iron and steel in power and strength, but immensely lighter and more cost-effective, our critical engine components have transformed railway networks across the world.

Weight: 155kg

Weight: 600kg

Weight: 30kg

Maritime Transport

The global shipbuilding industry is slated to grow at a CAGR of 4.84%, with its valuations likely to exceed $175 billion by 2027. For over 150 years, steel was the preferred material for shipbuilding, but its sheer weight coupled with its vulnerability to corrosion made it a poor choice.

Today, aluminium and aluminium alloys have mostly replaced the use of steel in ships and maritime transport vessels. Since the metal is light yet strong, it allows shipbuilders to increase the stability, fuel efficiency and cargo carrying capacity of the vessels they make. Also, since the metal is resistant to corrosion and rust, ships constructed using aluminium require far less maintenance overall.

With our state-of-the-art integrated end-to-end service facility and superior testing processes, we have successfully manufactured large scale heavy duty aluminium components used in ships, including complex engine components with precision tolerance.

Weight: 411kg

Weight: 8kg

Weight: 12kg


What does it take for an airplane to stay up in the air? It turns out that the answer lies, among other things, in using the right kind of materials — like alloys made of aluminium. This versatile metal has many things going for it — it’s strong yet lightweight, and adaptable yet inexpensive. These qualities make it the perfect choice for use in both commercial and military aircrafts in the capital intensive aerospace sector.

Aerospace engineering prioritises strength and lightness in order to battle headwinds and tailwinds. Taural India’s precisely crafted aluminium casted parts and products ensure that our clients operating in the aerospace ecosystem have a competitive edge in their favour.

Weight: 33kg

Weight: 28kg

Weight: 12kg


Aluminium is a wonder metal that has transformed the way equipment are designed for the healthcare sector. From surgical tools and general hospital apparatus to orthopaedic equipment and diagnostic machines like MRIs, aluminium has upgraded various facets of healthcare because it is strong and tough, yet light and malleable. Additionally, aluminium is also far more stable than ferrous metals even in charged, magnetic environments like those of an MRI machine.

Taural India specialises in the manufacture of medical grade aluminium parts and products. Our line-up of aluminium casted solutions feature the ideal strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance needed by customers in the healthcare sector. We have also endeavoured to ensure that our aluminium solutions for medical use are strong, durable, lightweight and adhere to the stringent safety standards required in this sector.

Weight: 107kg

Weight: 328kg

Weight: 90kg

Mechanical Engineering

The use of aluminium for its versatility, durability and strength has completely revolutionised mechanical engineering, changing gears from older options like iron and steel. They have also made aluminium a preferred favourite of global manufacturers, who are involved in the making of machines and other mechanical equipment.

Thanks to decades of experience in aluminium casting, we at Taural India have perfected the art of making simple as well as intricate and critical components used in engines and other machinery. By constantly leveraging our ability to mould and form aluminium in innovative ways, we are playing a pivotal role in the transformation of mechanical engineering on a global scale.

Weight: 25kg

Weight: 88kg

Weight: 75kg