Quality - Metallurgy

Quality - Casting Radioscopy

Quality - Visual Inspection

Quality - CMM & 3D Scan

Quality - Leak Testing

At Taural, we use cutting edge technology derived by blending our German legacy with our Indian innovation to make sure that our products seamlessly meet world-class quality standards. To deliver leak-free, high quality precision casting, we have established a series of rigorous and thorough tests that prioritise excellence and perfection. Take a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes in our quality testing phase.


We prioritise quality and our dedicated metallurgical laboratory is well-equipped with state-of-the-art density analysers, thermo analysers, emission spectrometers, tensile testing machines, and metallographic equipment. Our team of experienced and qualified techno-experts rely on these equipment to conduct a series of different tests and assess the quality of our products — both during and after the casting process.

Casting Radioscopy

Structural defects in the casted products can ultimately lead to equipment failure. At Taural India, we go to great lengths to ensure that the final products we deliver have no internal casting defects. Our advanced radioscopic equipment intricately analyses the casted products, detects casting defects (if any), and identifies the precise position and severity of such defects. We then compare these results with national and international customer standards and ensure that the product delivered to you is intact and flawless.

Visual Inspection

Our first level of testing begins with what the trained eye can detect. We have a team of seasoned experts who routinely conduct quality inspections at various stages of the casting process. They carry out direct and indirect visual inspections, use dye penetration tests that adhere to international standards and rely on precision tools like flexible borescopes to inspect the products intricately. This is how we at Taural India ensure that every product we make adheres to the highest standards.

Testing with Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)

To further cement the dimensional accuracy of our products, we use cutting edge Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) to measure the dimensions of objects. With two stationary bridge-type machines and a portable flexible arm-type machine, we ensure that our castings are dimensionally and geometrically precise. Our CMMs also feature thermal compensators that deliver highly accurate results in spite of the variations in the surface temperature of the castings.

3D Scan

A major aspect of quality assurance is delivering structurally accurate products. At Taural India, we understand the importance of dimensional and geometrical precision in casting. This is why we run our products through high-end stationary and portable 3D scanners that generate precise results. We then compare the data and patterns of the scanned objects with 3D models to ensure that our castings match the model's specifications perfectly.

Leak Testing

Castings made for the power and energy sectors need to be structurally extremely sound. At Taural India, we ensure that the products we make conform to the highest standards by putting them through a rigorous helium leak test. Our fully automated state-of-the-art pressure testing equipment uses helium to detect nano-level leaks in the walls of the castings.