About us

Taural India was established in 2016 by a young entrepreneur, Mr. Bharat Gite, as a joint venture with the Thoni Alutec group of companies. Today, we have a dedicated and experienced team that excels in providing peerless turnkey aluminium solutions that meet complex and intricate business requirements.

We make it possible to manufacture critical components of global standards right here in India. This gives you the advantage of indigenised local aluminium equipment that is of global quality, helps you save on exorbitant import costs and reduces the turnaround times. We also believe in fuelling the 'Make in India' and 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' dreams of our country, strive to build a powerful homegrown workforce and create job opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

At Taural India, we dream of casting the future in aluminium and creating unprecedented value and opportunities for all our stakeholders — right from our customers and employees to our investors and other partners in the ecosystem.

To bring this vision to life, our mission is simple and strong; we strive to be the world's preferred one-stop shop for comprehensive aluminium castings and solutions.

The values that drive us on the path to achieving this monumental goal

  • A passion for casting technology
  • Immense dedication to our craft
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Unwavering business ethics
  • Trust and respect for our stakeholders
  • Commitment to the success and credibility of our partners
  • A penchant for sustainable solutions


A leader is one who brings people together to find sustainable, scalable solutions to problems that are complex and seem intractable.

Taural India is certainly fortunate to have in its leadership team those who have seen challenges up close and personal, and found scalable solutions while taking their learning to the next level of organizational and personal growth.

Mr. Bharat Gite

"Growth happens when people change their mindsets." - Bharat Gite

Current role at Taural India, Awards, Recognitions

If we were to connect the dots for Bharat Gite, rising from humble beginnings to becoming the Founder & CEO of Taural India, his has been a formidable journey, one that shows the power of dreaming big. Today, Taural India is regarded by many as the largest and arguably the best aluminum sand-casting company in India.

Taural India

Taural India is a world-class integrated aluminum foundry based in Pune, Maharashtra, India with 750 employees and provides intricate aluminum casting solutions across diverse industries such as Energy, Defence, Railways, Marine, Aerospace, Infrastructure and EV Sectors having served marquee global clients such as General Electric, Siemens, Hyosung, ABB, and the Indian Armed Forces.

Bharat Gite

CEO and Director

Awards and Recognitions

Amongst the many recognitions that Taural India and Bharat's leadership have got, some worth mentioning are the “Pride of Maharashtra” award, 2018, given to Bharat by the SME Chamber of India. And he being one of the 30 select Indian entrepreneurs at the pre-budget conference with the Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, in 2020.

Most recently, on behalf of Taural India, he received a "Special Jury Award – Import Substitution" at the hands of Mr. Rajnath Singh, Hon'ble Raksha Mantri, at the 5th Annual Session of the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM) 2022 event.

Past experiences, corporate role + start-ups

Prior to founding Taural India, Bharat’s early career saw him work with BMW Germany and Mahle GmBH, which sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship and eventually saw him move back to India and establish G&B Metal in 2014. G&B Metal Casting quickly grew and in a year started supplying its high-quality ferrous sand cast components (mainly aluminium alloy products) to globally known brand name clients, i.e., AWG fitting, Perkins (Caterpillar).

In 2016, Taural India was born. A JV with Thoni Alutec, they signed an MOU during the “Make in India” week to invest US $ 40 million in the new Pune plant.

No mean feat for a company that, less than six years ago, existed only as one man’s vision.

Board + Advisory Roles, Education

With Metallurgy Engineering from COEP, Pune, India and a Master's Degree from the Technical University of Aachen in Germany, Bharat continues his lifelong learning with his recent Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.

Bharat believes that for India to achieve its true potential, its young minds must be nurtured to a growth mind-set. He is fulfilling his this mission as the President of the COEP Alumni association. Under his guidance, the association continues to foster connection and empowerment of the students, especially the economically weaker ones.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bhau Institute of Entrepreneurship & Leadership, Pune, and his passion for public speaking sees him being invited to speak at various industry forums.

Future - Leadership Vision

A role model for the next-gen leaders, Bharat is a die-hard patriot who envisions an India where Indian goods and services are held up as the global "gold" standard.

Bharat inspires others to dream big and leads by example by constantly thinking of ways to give back to the community and push the boundaries of Indian Industries & Academia.

Thoni Alutec - Our Joint Venture partner

Recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium castings across the globe, Thoni Alutec is a behemoth of the industry, with over 50 years of experience. They have operations in a facility spanning over 440,000 sq. meters in Germany, with a people strength of 1500+. The company offers a wide array of solutions, including mould design, casting, machining, and assembly.

With acclaimed expertise in the field of aluminium casting, Thoni Alutec carries the capacity to manufacture aluminium castings with a diameter exceeding 5 metres. The company lays claim to owning more than 2,000 patterns of casting which entails a highly diverse production capacity.

Powered by state-of-the-art CNC Machines, the company's manufacturing facilities are hailed for precision manufacturing. What sets Thoni Alutech apart is its emphasis on sustainability: The company employs a painting process that is eco-friendly. Their green projects cover areas such as surface water protection, air protection and noise protection. In the field of ecology, their main idea is to re-use everything that is possible. For this reason, they have installed special heat recovery systems and we use extensive recycling.

Taural India is proud to have Thoni Alutec as its partner. With their years of expertise in aluminium casting and firm focus on environmentally friendly casting processes, Thoni Alutech has been the ideal collaborator in our pursuit of transforming the aluminium manufacturing sector in India and streamlining the transition to green manufacturing. And we have only just begun the journey!

Media & Recognition


Taural India believes in continual improvement to meet customer demands by way of increasing its capabilities through certifications.
We also extend our certification to Customer specific approval. We are an approved source for supply of aluminium castings for PGCIL.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Taural India, we have always been committed to the goals of nation-building and community development. The very genesis of the organisation can be attributed to the goal of delivering a better tomorrow to the nation. Our strategies, efforts, and energies have always been directed toward enhancing the well-being of the nation.

With a firm focus on our social responsibility, we have been engaging in several critical CSR activities. During the 2019 floods in Maharashtra that wreaked havoc on several cities, including Sangli and Kolhapur, we distributed essential items, primarily food, in the affected regions.

In addition to the distribution of around 200 food kits, we also distributed 100 school kits to help the children in the flood-affected areas. We remain committed to assisting communities and strengthening our entire ecosystem through various CSR initiatives.