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At Taural India, we offer end-to-end aluminium casting solutions, from dedicated design to seamless delivery. Equipped with highly advanced equipment, our integrated facility provides a host of services across various stages, including design, development, assembly and even packing of casted products.

Take a look at the gamut of services we offer our clientele.

Design and Development


Casting Design

Our team of well-trained and experienced engineers conceptualise, design and develop products that meet the varied requirements of your business. We have a dedicated design facility that is equipped with the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software from SOLIDWORKS and Siemens. The combination of powerful software and a creative engineering team allows us to overcome design challenges, improve casting practices and ensure that we deliver 100% on design goals and customer satisfaction.



In addition to design and development, our engineering team is highly skilled at offering solutions to optimise the casting process. Aided by German tech like the renowned MAGMASOFT casting simulation software, our engineers analyse and predict the behaviour of molten aluminium in advance. This helps us limit any and all kinds of casting defects, and allows us to drastically reduce the time taken to make the golden sample, create the completely finished component and scale up as needed, all with the least number of trials. In turn, this enables production at cost and at scale.


Pattern Shop

We have in-house pattern making equipment that combines both conventional and modern technologies. Using 2D drawings and 3D design models, we manufacture moulds in a wide range of materials like wood, epoxy and resin as well as assorted aluminium tools with minimum lead times. Our pattern shop also has a fully automated mobile racking system that maximises our storage capacity, increases efficiency, improves handling capacity and provides quick access to stored patterns.

Aluminium Foundry

Moulding and Pouring

At Taural India, we've perfected the art of moulding and pouring aluminium. Our resin-bonded, no-bake sand casting process is flexible and cost-effective, allowing us to cast products with intricate designs ranging from 7 kilograms to up to 1,000 kilograms. With the latest technology and a semi-automatic loop line for moulding and pouring aluminium, we perfectly cast different grades of aluminium alloys according to your unique specifications.

Fettling and Heat Treatment

Casted aluminium that's removed from the mould usually has slight imperfections. At Taural India, to maximise finesse, we put all of our castings through an extensive fettling process, where we remove excess material and ensure that the product precisely matches the intended dimensions. The castings are then shot-blast to smoothen out the rough surfaces evenly and enhance the product's stress resistance.

Finally, the castings are loaded onto high-tech furnaces for heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of the aluminium. Having all the necessary equipment and skilled workforce for fettling and heat treatment in-house gives us an edge over the competition, allows us to drastically shorten delivery times and helps maintain high quality standards.



Our in-house machining facility is equipped with advanced CNC equipment like Horizontal Machining Centres (HMCs), Vertical Machining Centres (VMCs) and turning centres. With our high-tech machining tools, we strive to and have succeeded in achieving close Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerances (GD&T) that are exceptionally precise. And thanks to modern technologies like the zero-point clamping system and multiple pallet system, we even keep the lead times short.



Taural India also has a dedicated facility for painting casted products. Our painting process is semi-automatic, highly advanced, and adheres to international standards as well as various environmental norms. We even have an internal testing unit in our facility that assesses the quality of painted surfaces. This allows us to reduce dependency on external stakeholders and ensures that the final product meets all your expectations.



Backed by over 50 years of experience in this domain, we understand the need for a specific and controlled atmosphere for assembling intricately casted products. At Taural India, we have dedicated areas to assemble various casted products in accordance with international standards and client-specific guidelines.


Packaging and Logistics

We also provide packing solutions for logistics via land, air and sea transportation systems. Our packing and logistical services adhere to domestic and international packing standards. With the latest equipment and technological knowhow, we ensure that the final products are packed in rigid and secure containers that are designed to keep the contents safe from various transit risks — including water damage, shock or impact due to mishandling, and vibrations from travel on uneven terrain.